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The time for self acceptance is now :) Happy Valentine's Day!


Dear friend,


Well into the year 2006 of the Gregorian solar calendar, at the beginning of a new year in the Chinese calendar, in the middle of the Lunar calendar, every moment is unique and the same regardless of the calendar.


I have learned that life is more than me, more than everybody else. It is about all of us together, as one.

I have found my passion: I love to give what I love. I love life, I love to love, I love to give love.

I have learned to receive, and I receive love unconditionally.


Today, I share with you my passion for life which allows me to live in peace.


I wish you peace and joy for 2006, for the other half of the Yellow Cosmic Seed Year of the Natural Calendar and a happy year of the Dog from the Chinese calendar. I wish you especially to enjoy every moment.


My gift to you is peace. To the right, you can find a list of positive affirmations I use daily to program my life for happiness, presence, efficiency, unconditional love and acceptance of what is.

Click on the links to explore.

Each page starts with a law from the seven spiritual laws of Yoga.


Love, Peace and Joy!




The universe provides me with everything I need to do what I love to do


I do what I love to do


I focus on what I love to do


I focus on what I do and I do


I create and I produce


I give and I receive


I love myself


"The time has come"

is NOW