The law of giving and receiving:


Om Vardahnam Namah


I do what I want to do.


I do what I love to do.


I give and I receive freely.


I share my life unconditionally.


I receive my physical life as a gift.


With my physical life I allow the universe to feel.


My feelings are generated by the differential of gift versus receipt.


As I lack I feel empty and cold. As I have I feel filled and warm.


My energy flows freely to fill the empty hearts.


My heart rejoices from the gift of life from others.


As I give to the universe the universe will give me back a gift that I will receive unconditionally.


To keep balance I receive freely.


When I take I create a void, so I receive when given.


When I give by force I disturb a balance, so I give unconditionally, without expectations.

The universe provides me with everything I need to do what I love to do


I do what I love to do


I focus on what I love to do


I focus on what I do and I do


I create and I produce


I give and I receive


I love myself


"The time has come" is