A World In
And Around Me
2003 Wish



From within my human patterns comes out a deep and penetrating scream of LIFE!

Today, I share with you gifts I received from the universe.

The first one came to me on September 1st, 2003 and is dedicated to my friend Tanja.

Life connects mind and matter.

Love connects two souls that complete each other.

Connecting brings sharing. Sharing brings giving and receiving.

Give freely and you will receive freely.

To keep the universe in balance, accept to receive what life offers you.

Give the best you have to offer.

Accept your body as the eye of your mind.

Know your body so your mind knows how to use it.

Learn from your body, a complex evolution of matter that reflects the mind.

Feel good and you will look good.

Minds connect throughout the universe as souls.

Accept yourself as you are, let your mind connect freely with your body, and your soul will lead your body to act in the direction of your dreams, opening the doors to the infinity of the universe.

Dream positively, and your life will reward you to the size of your generosity and beyond.

And for a guaranteed good time, take care of yourself as an individual, so you can then help others in a constructive way.


Dedicated to Tanja 

Benoit, Los Angeles, September 1, 2003

The second gift came during a spiritual retreat in the desert, with my alter-ego and one of my best friends David, in June 2004.

When I want to use the full power of my brain, I need to slow to the minimum all physical activities. Only then  can I be conscious of my physical brain relaxing.

With awareness and in a flash instant, I focus on releasing all tensions in my body, and I let the thoughts that come from deep within me, my true self, take over the control of my conscious thoughts.

With a relaxed brain, my physical body becomes the instrument of my energy life. With an even flow of tension through out my body, my physical body executes, with all of its inherited knowledge, the actions it knows to take. Whether verbal or physical, each of my actions requires the use of my brain, which I feed with physical and metaphysical energy.

The third gift came to me on December 24th, 2004, at 11 PM Los Angeles time, while talking with friends at a Christmas party. This gift is dedicated to being one true self.